Wednesday, September 10, 2008

our story

Zach and I went to Highland High School together. We had joint friends but did not really know eachother. We say we actually "met" when he came to Johnny B. Goode's and I was his waitress. We ran into eachother again at a Highland choir concert. My mom and I were there to watch my little brother Jordan. I made the comment to my mom that "Zach Miller was back from his mission and looked good." Later Zach went with his best buddy Mike to the bank where Mike's wife Barbara worked. My mom was there and Barb introduced her to Zach and Mike as "Kimberly Hyde's mom." My mom said "Zach Miller, I have heard of you, my daughter has a crush on you." Maybe she was persuaded by the spirit to say that because I had only said he was "looking good." She then mentioned to Zach that he ought to try out for the play "Grease" at Mystique. I saw Zach when he was at Mystique to tell them he was too busy to audition for the play. He invited me to his little brother J.D.'s basketball game. Well, somehow Zach found time for the play after all and he was cast as Kinickie who is the boyfriend of Rizzo who I played. This was the perfect setting for us to date and fall in love. "Grease" ran for several months and just before it closed I got a pleasant surprize when Kinickie got down on his knee mid show in front of a live audience and asked me to marry him. I couldn't have asked for a better love story!

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