Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Our Puppy Fancy

Anyone that knows me will probably be surprised to hear that we got a dog. If that suprises you than it will be even more shocking to hear that I completely love her. Of course she is Zach's new best friend in the world. She is an English Pointer and is 10 months old. Now, we are not the type of people to dress up our dog, but she was in heat about a month ago and we didn't want her bleeding on everything so we put these little pants on her. It was just perfect because her name is Fancy. Now she is our little "Fancy Pants." :)


Parrish Family said...

KIMBERLY!!! I found your blog on the Pauly's (small world). I was so excited to find out that you are pregnant! YEAH!!! We sure miss you guys sooo much! How is life going? Our blog is

Misner Family said...

It is kind of sad, but completely hilarious. what an adorable picture! Jaden misses fancy:) I hope you guys are doing well, good luck with the birth and remember you need you sleep in the hospital so dont let them guilt you into keeping her in the room with you:) they bring the baby in every time she wants to feed or something and her noises will just keep you awake. dont worry you will have too much time awake with her when you take her home!

Justin & Michelle Klingler said...

I'm so excited to see your baby. Any names picked out? We just barely got the internet at our house too so i will try to do better at keeping in contact. Anyway you look awesome in your picture! you're so cute pregnant!! Good luck with the delivery and congrats on your dog:)