Saturday, February 7, 2009

More Brenna facts

Wow, Brenna is 2 weeks old today and she is not even the same kid! She is growing and changing every day. I feel so blessed because so far she is such a good baby. I actually have to wake her up to eat every 5 hours at night. She really never fusses unless she is hungry or has a messy diaper. We took her to the pediatrician this week and she is in the 95th percentile for height (big surprize with her giant parents :) the 75th percentile for weight and 50th percentile for head size. I am absolutely loving motherhood!

I know they say babys can't smile for a couple of months but I have video proof that Brenna smiled at 9 days old! This clip is a little long but she smiles sometime in the middle. Maybe I am just a proud mom but it sure looks like a smile to me!


Call Family said...

She is so beautiful Kimberly!

Kristen Cook said...

That is so funny about her smiling! Alexis actually smiled for the first "real" time on 9 days, too! We have a picture of her smiling at 3 days, but we think it's just the angle of the picture! But I swear they are wrong about how young they can smile!

She is so beautiful! And she's gonna be SO tall! That's great you are loving it so much! It's tiring, but so worth it! We had to wake Alexis up to feed her at first, too! So nice! :o)

I can't wait to actually meet her in person! Hope everything is and continues going great! :o)

Misner Family said...

Wow, she sounds perfect. No wonder you already love motherhood. For most it takes a couple months :) Im glad everything is going well and I love how high tech your blog has become.