Thursday, August 27, 2009

One crazy month!

We knew we had a crazy couple of weeks ahead of us. So just out of curiosity when we left our house on July 23rd we reset the mile counter on our jeep. When we arrived back home on August 23rd we could not believe what the grand total was. 4,258 MILES! I was curious to see how far we could have gone had we focused all f the energy and gas towards traveling in one direction rather than back and forth from home to various locations. I punched some numbers into mapquest and here is what I discovered:

With the miles we traveled we could have driven from our home in Boise across the country to Miami, Florida and then up to New York City and still had 100 miles to spare! So here is a little rundown of what we did in this crazy month.

First: Zach and I alternate years on who gets to plan the anniversary celebration. It was my turn this year. I knew we were going to be in Utah already for the weekend so I stole him away a couple of days early and we went to Snowbird, UT which is where we went for our honeymoon. Brenna stayed with my mom and we got a condo at the resort just like the one we had 4 years ago. It was so fun!

Then: we went over to Salt Lake City where my new sister in law Jennie went through the Salt Lake Temple. Jennie is from Utah. She met Mike at BYU-Idaho. She is majoring in health sciences and he is majoring in graphic design. Her mom is a 2nd grade teacher and her dad is rocket scientist (literally).

The next weekend was Mike and Jennie's wedding in the Mount Timpanogos temple in American Fork, UT. It was wonderful. They are such an awesome couple and their reception was absolutely gorgeous! Then back home for work on Monday.

The next weekend was family trip to Island Park with my in-laws. We stayed at my grandma's cabin which is always fun and we went to a show at Mack's Inn Playhouse. Back to Boise.

The next weekend Brenna and I went to Pocatello where Mike and Jennie had an open house while Zach headed up into the mountains of Utah for a hunting/camping/fishing trip with his brothers.

Then finally we went to Pocatello one more time. Thursday we had a bridal shower for my newest sister-in-law Victoria. Friday we were up to Idaho Falls where Victoria went through the temple and then Saturday back up to IF again for Jordan and Victoria's wedding.
Victoria was born in the Philippines and raised in Tennessee. Victoria's dad is retired from the military and now works for the post office and her mom is a nurse. She and Jordan met at BYU-Idaho. Victoria is majoring in art with a minor in graphic design and Jordan is majoring in Psychology with a minor in buisiness. Their wedding was beautiful as was their reception.


Misner Family said...

I cant believe how much you drove. First I thought the map was where you had gone and I was pretty mad you didnt stop by minnesota on your way home.

It looks like you guys did a ton of fun things, and we wish we could have been there for the receptions. Tell everyone hi from the Misners.

Derek and Bre said...

you guys are quite the travelers but we can't wait to see you guys this weekend even if it means more driving for you!

scott&ash said...

I can't believe that it was that many miles!!! WOW! Sounds like you guys were really busy~ I thought that the map was where you had gone and I was like... HOLY CRAP that's a long drive with a little baby... you brave mother you and then I noticed that it was to and from your house :) I'm sure that it made it a lot easier having lots of short drives with Brenna. But that's still a whole heck of a lot of driving!

JoSue said...

Wow how much fun!!! Seriously though, the driving can take it out of you. And hello, you had two brothers get married within a week of each other? Crazy!

I LOVE your family pics. Brenna is a doll and you look SOOO much like your mom in those pictures. Crazy how that happens...