Thursday, October 22, 2009

5 products i am glad i discovered

#1-Lime Away
I cannot even tell you how many hours I used to spend scrubbing my showers and bath tubs! It wasn't until Zach and I were moving out of our last apartment that I discovered what I now call my "magic potion". I do not scrub anymore, EVER! When my tubs, toilets or sinks start looking a little grody, I just pour on some magic potion, then return 15 min. later and wipe it off, wala, just like new!

#2-Parents Choice Diapers
Ok, so Brenna had a major "leakage" problem for months. Being the new naive parents that we are, we just assumed we needed to get nicer aka more expensive diapers to remedy the problem. Every shopping trip we would spend a little more getting a "better" brand each time. We tried every brand under the sun, almost. Then one glorious day at Wally World we were standing there wanting to cry as we were preparing to trade in our souls for diapers when this lady walks up, grabs the Parents Choice brand and says "try them, trust me". So we went on a limb, spent HALF as much as we were about too, and we haven't looked back since! I can't say enough about these things, they don't leak, they don't ever feel squishy and they don't stink the second they get wet.

#3-Quaker Oatmeal Squares
Tons of fiber, very tasty, and they don't get soggy, I swear! Aside from the absence of sogginess the very best part about this cereal to me is how long it keeps me full. Lately I have been forgetting to eat lunch because by the time my tummy growls I look up at the clock and it's time to start dinner.

#4-Clear Play
No longer do we watch violence, sex or foul language in our movies. You must be thinking. . ."so the Millers are only watching PG movies now huh?" WRONG! We actually don't even check ratings anymore at all because our magical friend the Clear Play removes all the garbage for us as we watch. It's a simple matter of a special DVD player, a few dollars a month and less than 1 minute every so often to download filters. Thanks to our friends the Porters for introducing this wonderful technology to us.

#5-Fat Free Snack Packs
Let's face it, I have a major sweet tooth. As Jim Gaffighan would say "Oh, your blaming it on your tooth? Cuz it's going straight to your butt." I have tried everything under the sun for a low calorie chocolate substitute, my college roommates can attest to this fact after having to sample many disgusting failures. Tootsie rolls are close, but they contain trans fat which I can no longer consume since I took chemistry and nutrition and learned what that really means. Enter Fat Free Snack Packs, only 80 calories and absolutely scrumptious.

Anyone else discovered products you can't live without? I would love to hear about them and give them a try!


The Ross Family said...

Thanks for the great tips. I'll definitely have to try LimeAway. We've been wanting to get ClearPlay for a while now. I think it might have to be part of our Christmas this year!

Chelsi Ritter said...

a couple things: first of all, jim gaffigan rocks! his hot pocket joke is the bomb; it never gets old. second, i'm so glad you suggested lime away. i've been looking for a good cleanser, so i'll definitely try this. third, your hair looks so cute straight! i've always envied girls with naturally curly hair who could wear it both ways. and your hair definitely applies.