Thursday, January 7, 2010

a "do it yourself christmas" this year

I got this brilliant idea this year to make handcrafted gifts for everyone. It seemed like such a great idea, until I got started and realized how hard it is to get much of anything done with an 11 month old wanted to do whatever mommy is doing. In the end I think things turned out alright.

I made 4 of these fabric Christmas wreaths:

I bought some old shutters on Craig's list and converted them into neato home decor:
such as this headboard for my in-laws

this fireplace guard for my dad (it will sure be nice to not have to worry about Brenna's curiosity about the fireplace when we go over there anymore ;)

this mail sorter for my little brother and his wife (I also made one for us, I just cannot seem to stay on top of organizing my mail!)

And finally a scrapbook calendar for my mom. If any of you are into digital scrapbooking you should really check out my friend Christine's print design company , they print digital scrapbooking and it is the best quality and a really great price.


Derek and Bre said...

your gifts were awesome, when I grow up I want to be like you :)

Stacey and Brody Miller said...

Super cute. I love it. It was sure fun seeing you guys. Miss ya already.

Kristen Cook said...

It is really no fair that some people, like you, are so flippin' crafty while us others just ... aren't. :o( ;o)

scott&ash said...

What fun projects! They look great! :)