Sunday, April 18, 2010

extreme home makeover at the miller house

I forgot to update my tax forms at work to let the government know I had a dependant. . .so let's just say we got a really sweet and unexpected tax return this year! My house was in desperate need of some new decorations so we decided to put a little bit of the money towards updating a bit. I am turning into quite a do-it-yourself-er so I stretched my little budget by making a whole bunch of stuff myself (with the help of my awesome hubby of course). I wish I would have gotten a few more before pictures but just use your imagination, it was pretty bad. :)

Before...some really ugly and dirty shutters I bought on Criag's list for cheap

After...a lovely partition (by the way...have you priced out partitions? One like this would cost a couple hundred bucks easy)My friend Ashley taught me this awesome technique to give the faux aged look, and it cost hardly anything.

Before (I forgot to get a picture of the real deal so I swiped this similar one off the internet, 1 only used 2 to make 4 candles) newel posts aka banister spindles. I got them super cheap at the re-store.

After: candle posts

Before: Plain ol' books

After: Cute but oh so affordable decorative books

My entry way before. . .completely bare. And now:

Before: I really wanted a mantel shelf, but man are they spendy. So, my awesome step dad and brother Mike made me one out of styrofoam. . .

After: It took a ton of work but this shelf cost me about $20 when it was all said and done.

Before: ugly thrift store pillows

After: cute fabirc = cute pillows.

I also used the fabric to re-cover my lamp shades, spice up my curtains, and framed some for the wall above my bed.

Before: I forgot to get a before picture again. But I got a plain white lamp on clearance for $5 (looked something like this)

After: I used some cool black and white pictures and mod podge and made this:

Before: A dvd tower we were about to get rid of. . .

After: A headboard for the guest room

Here's my guest room now

My table and chairs before:

And After:

My dining room wall before, yuck (this picture is from Brenna's b-day party, hence the streamers)

And after:

Here's the final product of my dining room


Meghan & Chase said...

Whoa! Where to start? I love... all of it! I am so impressed- I didn't know you sew. Everything looks great!

Stacey said...

Wow! I am so impressed and jealous! You have the cutest house ever! Do you mind if I copy um....EVERYTHING! And I love the partition. I bought a kids chair from the DI and I'm refurbishing it. I would love to do that technique. Is it hard? I love it!!! Anyways,it all looks amazing!

The Christensen Family said...

WOW!! Kimbo, you are amazing! That all looks SO amazingly awesome. I am very VERY impressed!

Anonymous said...

Holy canoli! I can't believe how industrious you are! You totally need to come over and help us style our new place! I love color but I have this weird fear of using it. Clearly, I need your help :)

Angela Frasure said...

I'm not gonna lie Kimberly, I am astounded at your talent. Man do I waste a lot money just buying overpriced things at the store!!

Scott and Ashley said...

K... so the Table turned out AWESOME!!! Love the green on the chairs! Man, I love all your decorations! You will have to help me out when we move into our new house. You are so awesome! Way to go!!!! :)

Misner Family said...

Holy Moly thats Amazing.
All of your projects turned out great! and
they dont look home made.
My favorite is probably the dining room chairs.
Your house looks awesome, I wish there was
more cash in the budget to redecorate too.

Wendy said...

You have MAD talent!!!!!!!! Can you come to my house! LOVE it all!

Parrish Family said...

Oh my gosh! SOOO CUTE!! Can I hire you to come and overhaul my apartment and make it cute? Where do you get your ideas from? Totally jealous of your new house!

Stacey and Brody Miller said...

OMG...did I sound like Derek just than? Seriously that is awesome. I love everything, and I mean everything. Your ideas and decorating are sooo cute.