Sunday, August 22, 2010

"Daddies Milk" and other funny stories

This week there was a Coke can like this sitting on our counter and Brenna pointed at it and said "That's Daddies milk". I just laughed my head off. Oh, he should be so proud. :)

Brenna and I painted our toes together this week. One night my dad and his wife were watching her for us. Brenna kept pointing at her toes and saying "Toes cute", then she would point at Brandie's lovely painted toes and say "Toes cute". Then she made my dad take off his shoes and when she saw his toes she said "Uh oh". :)

We went to dinner the other night and the hostess is like "Can your daughter color with crayons or will she eat them?". I turn into the proud mom and I'm thinking "my daughter is really advanced, she knows what to do with crayons, eat them...phaw." But instead I said "She loves to color." I look over not 2 minutes later when I heard a big crunch and she has taken at least 4 bites and was just gnawing away. Well now I feel sheepish. In my defense, she does not USUALLY eat crayons. This happened to be a really late dinner and she was very, very hungry. :)

This is how Brenna counts: "....2, 3, 4, 5, 6,...8, 9, 10". She will NOT say 1 or 7.

I love this little girl! She makes me laugh every single day!


Meghan & Chase said...

She is so smart! I can't believe how well she talks.... those stories were so funny!

Jessica said...

Kids really do say the cutest things. I cant believe she is old enough to be talking like that!! we miss you guys!! hope things are going well!

Kimberly and Ashley said...

LOVE that last picture! So cute! Great stories... Oh, kids do and say the darndest things :)

Kimberly and Ashley said...

HAHAHA!!! I logged in under our blog so that last comment just says Kimberly and Ashley!!!! Didn't even think about it :)

Chelsi Ritter said...

so cute! she lets you paint her nails? i'm impressed!

Stacey and Brody Miller said...

Super cute. She seems like she is talking super good and early.