Monday, January 17, 2011

My little troublemaker

You know those moments as a parent when your looking at your child thinking....I should really be disciplining you right now.....but what you are really doing is laughing your head off? Well, we just had one of these moments tonight. We have a strict rule that when Brenna goes to bed she does not get up and we don't go into her room. But tonight after 2 HOURS of her yelling "mommy, daddy help me!" and such I finally broke down and went into her room. This is what I found:

PJ's on the floor, diaper on the floor, Brenna naked in the crib. I didn't even know she knew how to take her own clothes off yet. Guess I'm gunna have to start putting her to work. :)


Meghan & Chase said...

haha! Good thing she didn't fall asleep like that :)

The Hermansen's said...

OH MY! Hahahahaha!!! Gotta love her... and how could you not laugh at that ;)