Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Brenna's 3rd birthday-Under the sea party

Can you believe my little Brenna turned 3 today!!! We had a fun "Under the Sea" party.  How did anybody plan birthday parties before Pinterest...and how does anybody afford them after Pinterest?  he he

My awesome step dad Terry made this awesome cupcake tower for us!  LOVE IT!

 Awesome daddy running the fishing game.

 Waves...more of Terry's awesome craftsmanship.

 The birthday girl wanted to be a mermaid for the party.  I learned something from this experience...when you make a kid a costume and you have to try it on them 20 times and then make them take it off again they don't like it.  :)  She LOVED it once it was finally finished though.

 The food.  You can't really tell from the picture but there are swedish fish candies swimming in the Jello.
 Thanks for your help Nanna!
 Fun friends!

 The invitations.

 Playing under the sea ring toss.
 Playing in the sand.

 My friend Barbara made these AWESOME jellyfish...aren't they great?


Catherine and Derrick said...

What a cute birthday party. I love it

Meghan & Chase said...

That looks like one awesome party - happy birthday Brenna! You and Terry and Barb did such a great job with everything! Brenna makes quite the cute mermaid

Scott and Ashley said...

It was such a cute party! You guys did a fabulous job... Thanks for all the hard work, Paige loved it :)

Anonymous said...

Holy cow, you went above and beyond! I'll bet she felt SO special!

Misner Family said...

Wow, I havent seen your blog in a while. This party is amazing! I especially love her costume.