Monday, April 23, 2012

What us Miller's are up to these days

We are having a lot of fun at our house these days.  The girls are the best of friends.  They just look at each other and laugh all day long. Adria is starting to say: mamma, dadda, and bubba (that's what she calls Brenna).  She is rolling over both ways and sitting up by herself.  Brenna is such a little smartie and is so fun and sweet.  She is starting to clean her own room, empty the silverware from the dish washer and pedal her tricycle (more about Brenna and the funny things she says lately at the bottom).

My mom did a lot of great things when I was a kid...but one thing she was awesome at was writing down the funny stuff I said while I was growing up.  I have vowed to do the same for my kids.  So directly from a scratch piece of paper in my drawer to my blog here is some funny stuff Brenna has said over the last few months:

*We have said to Brenna numerous times that she 'woke up very early today'.  So when she thinks maybe she slept in later she will come in and ask "what did I wake up very today?"
*If I ever raise my voice at the dog Brenna will will ask "what did she did?" (not that I EVER raise my voice at the dog or anything :)
*A little while ago I said "Brenna it's time to go potty and then lay down for a nap" she said: "I can't mom, it's in my story.  See (pretending to read a book) says 'Brenna Claire did not go potty'.  Anyone that has kids that watch SuperWhy on PBS will get this one.
*We were at the store the other day and Brenna was walking behind me.  She wanted to get my attention to show me something so she yelled: "Hey old lady mommy, look at this".
*She brought me her toothbrush and toothpaste and asked me "will you brush the butterflies off my teeth?"  This confused me at first because as a dental hygienist I always use technical terms like plaque and germs.  It turns out daddy has been telling her he is brushing the bugs off of her teeth.  I think it's pretty cute that the 'bugs' she envisioned were butterflies.
*When we go on a walk Brenna will yell: "Stop, the ghost is red....ok, go the ghost is clear".
*She often says: "My tummy is ache" which means she is hungry, or maybe just wants a treat.
*Brenna had a bad dream the other night and was upset that there was a monster in her room.  The next morning I talked to her about it and she said: "it wasn't a monster, it was just Fancy in a costume".
*I had put Adria on her tummy for some tummy time the other day.  I left the room for literally 15 seconds.  When I walked back in Brenna was sitting on Adri's back and yelling "Ye-Haw" like a little cowgirl and Adria was the horse.
*We had the brilliant idea to get Brenna some glowfish for Christmas.  She absolutely loves them.  We had had them for about a week when Zach and I came upstairs to find Brenna soaking wet.  We asked her what happened.  She reported: "I catched the fish in my hand, and I threw it on the ground."  She actually caught a 1 inch fish in a 3 gallon tank with her bare hands!  We were proud and furious at the same time.


Meghan & Chase said...

Brenna is HILARIOUS! Great pictures of your beauties:)

Catherine and Derrick said...

I love the funny things Brenna is saying. I should do a better job of recording what my boys say. Jayden has pulled the "It's not in my story too." I do have to laugh. I can't believe how big Adria is. What cute girls

supertosha said...

This was a great post! Hearing all of Brenna's little funnies makes me want to start writing down all of my kids funnies!

Misner Family said...

She is so funny, I need to write that kind of stuff down! I love the super why comment the best ;)