Tuesday, June 22, 2010

a little miller family update

First off, a few things about my sweet little Brenna:
-She is starting to speak in a few sentences such as: "Where's the puppy?" "That's a bird" and "I want my purple"
-She is obsessed with shoes and ALWAYS wants me to put them on her feet for her.
-She still has only 6 teeth, 4 in the front and 2 molars. Weird I know.
-She thinks everything round is a clock, except she pronounces it without the "L" so it sounds like a dirty word.
-She loves to point at peoples buttons and yell "butts". Today at the post office she lifted up her shirt to the guy behind us and pointed to her belly button and said "my butt". I quickly explained that she meant her belly button and we both chuckled.
-When I point at myself and say "Who's this?" she says "Mommy". When I point at her and say "Who's this?" she says "The baby".

What's been happening in our lives:

My brother Tyler got home from his mission to Mexico.

We had a fun family trip to my Grandma's cabin in Island Park

I had my annual girls trip with all the ladies in my moms family

How do we look in "H" cup bras?


Meghan & Chase said...

Wow Brenna is a smarty pants- talking a lot! How fun! When Chase comes to visit with Kate PLEASE tell him to take pictures/video of you guys- I'm so sad I'll miss out

Jenny Cook said...

It's so fun to see your pictures. Looks like you've had a lot of fun! Glad you're doing well.

Stacey and Brody Miller said...

What an awesome girls trip. Okay Brenna is so cute. Miss ya'll

Chelsi Ritter said...

where was your girls trip? it looks so gorgeous! so good to hear you guys are doing well; and brenna is as cute as ever!