Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I guess I must be a Twi-Hard as they are calling them because I am actually going to blog about Eclipse (yeah I know, I'm a 25 year old mother :) Who cares? First of all, I thought they did a GREAT job with the movie (best one yet in my opinion).

I discovered these books early, way before they made the first movie, and I have been on team Jacob since the get go. This movie just reminded made me remember why. If you haven't read ALL the books stop reading now :)

First: Edward is way too controlling. I know I know he is just trying to protect her. . .but disabling her truck to prevent her from going to the reservation to see Jacob? Come on, that's a little much. Keeping secrets from her because he doesn't think she can handle things. No thanks. I prefer Jacob's let Bella be Bella attitude. You want to ride motorcycles, why not?

Second: Edward left Bella (in book 2) which in my eyes is unforgivable. Once again, trying to do what was best for Bella. Sure. But he didn't even so much as come back to check on her and she almost got killed by vampires (would have if it weren't for Jacob).

Third: (Assuming we don't know what happens in the last book) Bella can live a fairly normal life with Jacob. They can age together, have children and eventually die the normal way together. She can also continue to see her mom and dad.

Fourth: I never felt that Bella fell in love with Edward for the right reasons. It seems a lot more like infatuation to me, propelled by the fact that being a vampire he draws her in with his beautiful looks, voice and smell. I think it seems a lot more like true love when you fall for someone despite all your efforts not to.

Fifth: My stance on team Jacob was solidified when the casting choices for the movie were made. Come on, it's not even close, sorry Rob.

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