Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Hike from Haides and a family reunion

At our family reunion a couple of weeks ago we were told there was a "nature walk" to some pretty water falls that we could go on. You just ride a ski lift to the top of a mountain, walk "sideways" over to the falls and then it's a nice easy stroll down the rest of the mountain, about 1 hour for the whole experience. Zach and I were like "yeah, we could do that in between Brenna's nap times it will be fun right?" ummm. . .wrong! As we were riding the ski left up I was thinking, wow this is going really high.

2 hours in we are not even at the falls yet, and this is no nature walk! I mean we are hiking down very steep hill, taking our shoes off to cross through streams of run off water and I didn't bring lunch or spare diapers for Brenna!

Here's the happy hikers at the beginning


late middle:

and end:

The rest of the reunion was so fun though!

This is Brenna's cousin Maddie. Here was a conversation her and I had: Maddie "How old are you?" Me "How old do you think I am?" Maddie "Umm, 16?" Me "I love you!"

After the 6 hour car trip home Brenna had leaked out of diaper so we brought the car seat in to wash it and she sat in the car seat for another hour and a half! Crazy kid!

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