Sunday, December 19, 2010

My husband the terrorist and my daughter the drama queen

The terrorist:
Why did I receive this terrifying package in the mail the other day? Oh because Zach tried to sneak this knife on an airplane. Ok, not intentionally. He had the knife in his bag from a camping trip and forgot to take it out before trying to take the bag on an airplane. Woops. Looks good for the security crew that they caught it though.

The Drama Queen:
Brenna comes running up to me the other day yelling "mommy Fancy's eating the Christmas tree!" I go in the living room to check it out and Fancy is drinking the water from the tree holder.
As you can see she was terrified of Santa Clause. :)
until he busted out the candy...good thinkin' Santa

Brenna really likes to take baths and would probably stay in there for hours if I let her. Usually all I have to do is drain the water and she is ready to get out. But the other day even after the water was all gone she insisted on staying in the tub.


Derek and Bre said...

Zack totally is a terrorist. That isn't just any knife it is a scary one! Brenna is cute. I don't think she's a drama queen, I think she's dang smart! I quite positive no other kid her age would be able to even say that!

The Elison Crew said...

Hey Kimerbly! It is your cousin Jaclyn. I am not a faithful blogger like you, but I have enjoyed looking at what your family is up to for the last little bit. And actually I confess, I just learned how to post comments, I am retarded! We need to keep in touch better! Brenna is so cute and I love the pic in the bathtub!